Colegio Europeo


Seccion 1
“Miss Anne” has long held the belief that young minds thrive when they are nurtured in a caring and stimulating environment that offers a broad range of social and intellectual challenges: one which gives students of every age the opportunity to learn how to think as opposed to what to think. Too often, in her opinion, were students forced into inappropriate “molds” by schools and teachers obsessed with conventional criteria of intellectual achievement.
Seccion 2
From these convictions, The European School and its unique philosophy of humanistic education were born. In a small country house, Ms. Anne, with a group of teachers and students, began a school devoted to the challenging task of educating the entire child. While holding academic excellence as its standard, The European School allows its students freedom and opportunity to achieve the excellence in an individualized way –with mature, morally attuned, self-confident graduates as a result.​
Seccion 3
Key to the philosophy and approach to learning, is the use of integrated teaching. A central theme unifies and interrelates academic work in literature, history, geography and art through the broader perspective of a given geographical area or historical period. The result is a global, cultural and historical education that engages students in a way that few other schools do.

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