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:           Ms. Gloriana Bolaños



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                                   12:15 - 2:00 PM    Kinder- Prep   * ¢ 58.000.00  almuerzo incluido

            Thursday : 

                                  3:00 - 4:00 PM  (1st - 6th)         ¢ 42.000.00



                 * ¢ 58.000.00  almuerzo incluido

About the lessons:

The techniques offered are Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, Modern Dance, Choreography and Corporal Expression. The techniques (according to age and level) complement each other, giving each student methods to strengthen the demands that Dance requires, which can be from knowing how to count, listening and interpreting music, develop an excellent physical condition and at the same time learn to control your body, better your posture, move in space, move gracefully, elegance, etc.
The ballet classes tries to awaken the students in a natural way, the artistic sensibility through movement based on the techniques given. The students receive theoretic and practical training within the technical and creative language of dance, encouraging  effort and discipline and developing physical-motor skills (coordination, flexibility, agility, strength, resistance, muscle tone, etc) always in an environment that encourages creativity, freedom of expression, rhythm, musicality improvisation, etc.

Minimun 3 students per group


                   Each students needs to buy their own ballet uniform. 


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Heredia, San Pablo
P.O. Box: 177 Heredia, Costa Rica
Tel: (506) 2261-0717