Circo Teacher:

                Mr. David Ramírez Soto




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                                          3:00 - 4:30 Pm           4th - 10th grade                                     


                    ¢  32.000  


About the club:

Historically, the circus has been a space for everyone. Its origin from the circle, reminds us of its essence, the clan, the family, trips around the world.

This club is a playful and safe space where various circus typical techniques, the clown, juggling, human pyramids, for example, will be explored in order to connect with our expressive being.

It revolves around the pedagogy of the social circus, based on the methodology of the Experiential Learning Cycle, where the experience is fundamental for the construction of integral learning. In this club, each session is loaded with fun and development of the circus values, such as self-knowledge, teamwork, laughter, enjoyment of diversity and creativity, among many others.


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Heredia, San Pablo
P.O. Box: 177 Heredia, Costa Rica
Tel: (506) 2261-0717