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                Constanza Boeglin




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Schedule and fee:

Monday 3:00pm - 4:30 pm (1-2 grade)

¢30000 Club + ¢20000 materials= ¢50000

Thursday de 3:00pm a 4:30 pm (3-6 grade)

¢30000 Club + ¢20000 materials= ¢50000

Groups: 5 min. To open a group and 12 max.

The objective of this cooking class is to begin to sensitize the little ones with cooking.Since this first module has “doughs” as a common base, part of the objective is not only to teach the young ones to follow a recipe, but to intuitively learn quantities, to feel the different textures in the doughs corresponding to their different functions. The objective is also to develop fine motor skills with simple cuts (non-sharp knives will be used) and finally to learn easy recipes that they can make at home.
Methodology: hands on cooking. Every student will participate in every process of the recipe.
All kitchen supplies and materials are included.
Students are asked to bring their own apron, and if possible a hair net.

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Heredia, San Pablo
P.O. Box: 177 Heredia, Costa Rica
Tel: (506) 2261-0717