Drums and Percussion (HS)


                Mr. Andrés Orlando Mateusn




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   Tuesday : 

                                               3:00 - 4:30 pm     (7th-12th)     


                  ¢  32.000  

About the club:

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and about which it is impossible to be silent" Victor Hugo."Music expresses that which cannot be said and about which it is impossible to be silent" Victor Hugo.The drum and percussion club is an interactive space focused on sharing tools and resources for the execution of drums, latin percussion and drumset, generating a assembly where physical, emotional and social skills developed around music.Through the execution of patterns, rhythms and musical pieces, the interpretive and cognitive development of each participant and the development of a group consciousness will be enhanced to strengthen the processes of cooperation, creativity, and interpretive expressiveness.Different musical genres will be worked (such as rock, funk, reggae, salsa, merengue, traditional Latin American music, among others), strengthening the processes of appreciation and appropriation of musical language and conservation of collective consciousness in relation to the importance of the historical-social background of these music genres.


● Boosts cognitive processes and intellect.

● Boosts cognitive processes and intellect.

● Generates extensive psychomotor development.

● Promotes learning about emotions and personal relationship with emotions.

● Develops hearing, rhythmic and melodic skills.

● Promotes the concepts of cooperativism and teamwork.


All materials are included.

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