Experimental Printmaking

                 Mauricio Herrero
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                  Mondays:    3:00-4:30pm
                 Minimum-Maximum:   5-10 students



               ¢ 47.000 
                 To develop personal artistic projects through print-media.
                 To integrate and complement workshop content with that of high school art and IB curriculum.
                 To learn how to think conceptually about art.
                 To think critically about one’s own artistic practice and that of others.
                 To learn new skills and techniques in traditional and experimental forms.
                 To incorporate hand made printing proceses with digital tools.
                 To understand artistic practice as an ongoing process, a form of research and an exploration of ideas.

                        In this workshop, high school students will explore contemporary printmaking from a personal and experimental perspective, as well as a way of thinking through material processes.     Projects will become specific to each student as they develop throughout the sessions towards a more cohesive practice. This will also be complementary to what they are investigating in high school art and IB (conceptually, formally and thematically), while exploring ideas through other possibilities and media.

Specific techniques will vary according to the students’ individual interests, needs and ideas, so that they will all be exposed to different approaches and techniques. Since the class is experimental, they will be encouraged to go beyond traditional ways of doing things and to discover new ground. Basic techniques will include: drawing, monotype, relief printing, chine collé and their integration with digital tools for imagemaking, manipulation output and reproduction.

Materials: Basic materials such as carving, tools, rollers, matrices, some ink and some paper included.

Additional and optional materials are left to the students to find depending on their needs.

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