Hip hop (Urban Dance)



                  Ariana R Pereira




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                      Monday :
                                   Kinder - Prep   (12:15 - 2:30 pm ) * ¢ 48.000   lunch included
                                   1st - 6th (3:00 - 4:00 pm)  ¢ 32.000 
                                    minimum 3 students and maximum 10 students
              ¢ 32.000 
              ¢ 48.000 lunch included *    



What is Hip hop?

Hip hop is a word that people use for naming all the urban dances created in the 70 ́s in USA. Some of the urban dance styles are hip hop, break dance, popping, locking, housing and others.

At present, some of the urban moves are used for teaching coordination, body awareness and improving creativity through steps and choreography. 

Class objectives

  • Introduce different contemporary and urban dance Techniques using playful activities, individual and group exercises, improvisation and choreography.    
  • Motivate dance practice through the teamwork, individual knowledge and creativity stimulation. 

Class Materials

  • Exercise clothes
  • Sneakes for the hip hop class
  • Water

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