Ms. Jessica Rechnitzer - Bachiller en educación preescolar ,

Instructora de yoga de Devaya yoga and the healing arts studio,

Afiliada a Yoga Alliance international ,

 Yoga for kids and families teaching training de Rainbow kids yoga.




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Schedules & Cost:


                          12:15pm – 2:30pm  Kinder & Prep.  ₵48,000 including lunch



About the classes:

What is yoga?

The word yoga signifies union, it is a discipline that encourages the physical and mental integration of the individual through postures and meditation, generating strength, balance and peace of mind, with the help of breathing control.

Teaching yoga to children allows them to develop:

  1. Their sensitivity towards their own feelings and those of others.
  2. Balance: both emotional and physical equilibrium.
  3. Improvement of self-esteem.
  4. Increased coordination, flexibility and muscular strength.
  5. A good posture: strengthens the back and makes them aware of the way they walk and sit, encouraging proper alignment of the vertebrae.
  6. It helps promote self-control and concentration.
  7. Relax and lower stress levels.


Through various activities, games, songs, postures, breathing control and appreciation of music, each child, as an individual, will learn to recognize their abilities, strengths, control their emotions in a healthy way, and find physical and emotional balance. 

As a group, kids will learn how to become aware of their peers’ feelings, to integrate, to appreciate and respect differences, to generate harmony and resolve through the communication of ideas, feelings and to promote empathy.

The postures, the songs, the activities, and the whole class in general will be planned in order to promote a space where each child feels accepted, involved, happy, in harmony, and motivated.

The activities consist of:

- Postures that develop their flexibility and motor skills.

- Relaxation through breathing and appreciation of music.

- Group games that generate integration and empathy.

- Expression of emotions and feelings, with the help of tales or stories.

- Aroma therapy: using essential oils (lavender, mint, lemon) that stimulate smell and relaxation.

The class consists of:

- Games that make use and develop muscles.

- Breathing exercises.

- Development of the imagination through acting stories and postures.

- Group activity that promotes empathy and social integration.

- Appreciation of music through rhythm and vibration.

-Closure: relaxation and aromatherapy.

Important information: minimun 5 children per group. Each child requires their own mat. 

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