Softball / Baseball

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              Mr. Juan Andres Guzmán




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                             3:00 - 4:00 pm    (7th-12th grade)         (Min 8 children)



                    ¢ 30.000.00


Baseball and softball are sports collective par excellence. To practice children need to coordinate strategies and develop several senses simultaneously. When you play baseball and softball earns a high resistance to physical exertion; to run, you have to hit and also be vigilant. so it helps concentration and speed of reflexes.

It is a sport that develops motor skills, the training of the muscles and where is exercised throughout the body.

Emotional benefits of baseball for children

Being a team sport, baseball provides a myriad of benefits. The fact of belonging to a team strengthens the children values such as friendship, cooperation and camaraderie. The dynamics of the game helps children to develop their social skills also.

One of the aspects that most beneficiaries are by the practice of baseball / softball is the self-esteem of children. As part of a team, the child feels important and indispensable, gaining trust and confidence in itself. Also, it helps to develop the ability to think, through game situations; ability to solve, deciding how to act according to the strategy of game situations; It promotes the capacity of effort and the desire to improve.

Values to promote at the club

  • Respect
  • Discipline
  •  effort
  • Consistency
  • responsibility






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