Stickit Climbing

              José Andrés Jiménez Losilla
            8883-6918 (best if contacted by whatsapp)
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                            Kids & Youth Training

         Hang Dogs (16 yrs)  wednesday & friday 3 - 5 PM
         Rockstars  (12 yrs)  monday, tuesday & thursday 4-6 pm
         Ascenders (10 yrs)  tuesday & thursday 4-6 pm
         Pinchers   (6 yrs)    monday & thursday 4-6 pm

                            Adult Training

         Duracells  monday & wednesday  6 - 8 pm
         Speedies  tuesday & thursday      6-8  pm
         Newbies   monday & wednesday  8-10 pm
For the European School Community we offer two distinct options.
The first one is Stickit Clubs. This is only offered to TES Students and is intended as a fun introduction to climbing. The class is once a week and is scheduled according to the school schedule. For the younger kids we spend a lot of time on play and movement. Climbing is a sport that requires body knowledge, movement skills, balance, strength and mental stability. Furthermore, the older kids learn how to use belay devices and how to operate ropes in a safe manner. 
The second option that Stickit has to offer is Training Groups. We offer training from 4yrs of age. The difference between Clubs and Training is big. Training starts from 4hrs a week and all training sessions are mandatory. The pace is much harder and we are treating all participants as athletes who are working to become better climbers. We have one competition team that will start competing this year (2017). All training teams participate in camps, day workshops, events and outdoor climbing. All depending on level and experience. To enter one of the training teams contact us for a try out and for a recommendation on what group to join. No previous experience needed, just a will to work hard and be able to listen to instructions. We also ask all training team to invest in personal equipment within the first year of training.

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