Toy Making


            Lic. Victor Vargas.




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                 Tuesday, 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. (1st - 4th grade)




About this club:

                   This club will focus on the development of our creativity and our manual abilities. While we create art crafts, gifts and toys; students will learn basic principles of design. At the same time, we will strength our fine motor.

                   We will also try to give the most efficient use to the materials and encourage using recycling, to teach ecological consciousness to the students.



  1. To strength our manual abilities through the providing of basic knowledge of toy making, drawing and designing.
  2. To become aware of the appropriate use of materials and tools, and stimulating the use of recycling material.



                    All materials will be included; however, the following recycled materials will also be welcomed:

  • Cereal boxes.
  • Egg cartons.
  • Scrap of cloth.
  • Scrap paper.
  • Toilette paper and kitchen towel cylinders.

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Heredia, San Pablo
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