Yoga Kids European School

              GABRIELA PRENDAS GÓMEZ (Yoga Instructor, Coach & Nonviolent Communication Facilitator)


                (506) 8878-1191 | (506) 2235-5585


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                    Monday:     7th - 12th                      3:00 – 4:00pm
                   Tuesday      Kinder & Prep               12:15md – 2:30pm*

                  Thursday         Kinder & Prep               12:15md – 2:30 pm *

                                          all grades (1st-6th)        3:00 – 4:00pm



              ¢35,000 - ¢51,000 Lunch included


 About The Club:

Yoga is a traditional discipline that seeks physical and mental well-being, through exercises and techniques of breathing and concentration. The objective is to find the balance between body, mind and spirit.
It is adaptable for every age, in the form of games and ludic dynamics.
It allows them to release energy, concentrate better, relax and respond better to stressful situations.
It is recommended for all children. Both for the restless or active child, as for the shy one, yoga helps them to channel their energy and reaffirm their self-esteem. It will help the more active ones to learn to relax and concentrate better, while also encouraging the quieter children to lose their fear and open themselves to the universe around them.
By practicing yoga, they become aware of their own body, learn to recognize each of its parts and adopt good postures to avoid future problems (as the back, for example). In addition, they strengthen the muscles and acquire flexibility.
Mentally speaking, the breathing exercises allow the mind to find peace and relaxation. This helps the students to concentrate better, stimulates creativity and eliminates stress and complexes. In addition, companionship and friendship are encouraged, by working in pairs or groups. Respect for the environment, peace, or love are issues that play an important role in each of the sessions.
The methodology is based on activities of art therapy, body expression, conscious movement and play, as well as dynamics of empathy and emotional exploration, so that in each class, in addition to benefit from the practice of yoga, they are welcome to express their emotions as part of their own self-knowledge journey.

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