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 Wednesday       1:00  pm-2:00    pm *

                            2:00   pm-3:00   pm  *

                            3:00   pm-4:00   pm  *

                                (all grades)                     


¢46,000 *Lunch included

About the class:

The cello is a string instrument that can features as soloist or in an esemble with other instruments. Through it we can performance any kinds of music because it’s a long-register instrument and also versatile.

Playing a musical instrument is a highly beneficial activity because requires the mind and body working together. Also the imagination and sensibility work.

This club will be carried out as an individual class or a group class (no more than 2 per group) during 1 hour where the performance of the cello and it´s relation with other instruments will be learned by the musical theory necesary to get it successfully. All this through tecnical exercises and repertoire according to the student´s level. Additionally, duets will be used with classmates or teacher to stimulate coordination and teamwork.

Students should bring their own instrument.


·         Playing a musical instrument is an activity that can develop longest periods of concentration.

·         Increases memory and coordination.

·         Ecourage creativity and sensibility.

Reduces the stress level


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