Picture drama

                  Lic. Victor Vargas.




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                 Monday:  3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  (1st - 3rd grade)



About this club:

This club will focus on the development of theater games and exercises to increase our vocal and corporal expressive abilities; at the same time, we will work on the strength of our attention skills, and the correct use of the body to increase self-confidence when being in front of groups or audiences.
Through dynamic activities, the children will have the opportunity to solve tasks both individually and in groups. They will stimulate their senses to improve their imagination, creativity and concentration skills. This will also include relaxation, voice projection and improvisation games to develop their corporal expressivity.


Since this course involves workout, members are required to wear appropriate clothing and shores that can provide mobility (tennis, T-shit, sweatpants or shorts). The teacher will provide any other material needed.

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Heredia, San Pablo
P.O. Box: 177 Heredia, Costa Rica
Tel: (506) 2261-0717